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The Adopt-a-Soldier Door County program is a non-profit 501©3 organization.  We began with support from the Forestville, Wisconsin American Legion Women’s Auxiliary Post 372, and now receive local support from families and friends.

Organizer Nancy Hutchinson tells of their beginnings:

“We began this program in November, 2008.  It was started for a young man by the name of Matt Olson, a student at Sevastopol High School.  Matt–the friend of my oldest son–was like a third son in the family.  When he joined the Marines after high school we wanted him to know how much we, as a family, loved him and appreciated all that he was doing for not only our community but for our country.

I started collecting items from friends to send to Matt and then I challenged the students from Sevastopol High School to collect items to send to him.  The students and staff collected so many items that I ended up sending Matt and his platoon 40 boxes!  I decided to ask local businesses if I could put collection bins out so the residents of Door County could also donate.  Well, within one week we had several full bins and several more names of soldiers to send care packages to.”

This program started because of one young man in Door County, but in reality it is for every soldier serving now, in the future, and for those who have served in the past.

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